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No. Since our white-label platforms are non-custodial, meaning that your customers maintain full control of their private keys and thereby of their assets, you do not need a financial license.

Onramps and offramps using SEPA, SWIFT and cards are facilitated through API integrations with regulated and licensed gateway providers. Those providers will collect KYC data on your end users directly when required. The KYC and AML compliance requirements therefore lie with the integrated partners, not with you as a non-custodial wallet platform operator. 

Absolutely! Our mission is to offer the most user-friendly self-custodial wallet platform in the world and we think we have succeded! We believe that anyone should be able to maintain 100% control of their digital assets without having to depend on centralized exchanges and custodians.

You share commissions charged by the onramp, offramp and swap providers. Revenue share can very well reach 50% of the fees charged by integrated partners, meaning substantial revenue on exchange rate margins and processing fees. 

You can have your own white-label non-custodial wallet platform complete with onramp and offramp integrations up and running in 48-72 hours. Contact us for further details.

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